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During the main stage performances at Starry Nites festival, three giant live oak trees in the village will appear to be lit afire, their bases and branches breathing like pulsing, burning embers, the fire seemingly shifting and drifting with the winds. We are reminded of the fragility of our delicate ecology, and the human race’s role and responsibility in environmental sustainability. The scene shifts, and the trees alight with hauntingly beautiful portraits of endangered species. Stepping up to an interactive podium, participants are invited to inject their own faces into the experience, reflecting our connectedness and responsibility to these creatures, and reminding us how our actions affect them.


As the night progresses, an attendee’s glance across the river to the sheer white cliffs of the mountainside will turn into a double-take and a jaw-dropped stare. Endangered species’ eyes stare back, gazing over the valley … and then the mountainside morphs into mouths seeming to consume the starry night before being consumed by fire. 


"As a kid growing up in the 1990s I was struck by the creativity that seemed to very naturally pour from Travis. From his music and visual fascination to his personal nature, I have always admired him on so many levels. To this day, I continue to be inspired by his art and the spirit that he brings to his work. A big part of the reason Starry Nites has come to fruition was based on a conversation that we had a few years ago while sitting together at a park in San Francisco. We spoke of human connectivity, curiosity, exploration and how important it is to incite meaningful and positive influence on those around us and our environment. This festival marks our first collaboration together in 25 years. Having Travis as an integral feature of Starry Nites is immensely special for me. With "Fire Eyes" intentionally made interactive, it will equally be special for all those who attend. I'm excited and eternally grateful to him and to everyone at Obscura Digital for believing in this project."


--Tommy Dietrick, Co-Director of Starry Nites 

Desert Stars Festival and Starry Records are proud to present Starry Nites Festival at LIVE OAK CAMPGROUND a 42 acre ranch located in the mountains of Santa Barbara at Live Oak Campground (4600 Highway 154). 



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