Festival Directors:

Tommy Dietrick & Kerry Brown


Jake Whitener at Big Hassle PR

Technical Director:

Production Manager:

Alexia Stratton

Media Director:

Ryan Fruge

Social Media Manager:

Shane Wepprich 

Art Department:

Randall Crush

Christian Zollenkopf

Richard Swan

Sean Corcoran

Contracts & Legal:

Ajay Gosain

Contributing Media Designer

Matt Eskew

2017 Visuals & Projection Art:

Travis Threlkill of Obscura Digital

Stage Lighting Director:

Claudia Duvall

2017 Poster artists:

Darren Grealish / Mollie Tuggle / Matt Adams


© 2017 Starry Nites Festival ™  All rights reserved.

Our 10 year history inspires us to continue our tradition of presenting environmentally conscious events in serene and beautiful settings. We offer world class music and art while retaining a close knit community over urban scale festival culture. We believe that togetherness and harmony with the Earth can be achieved responsibly. Our mission is to serve the magic of creativity, expression and human connection. Starry Nites is the collaborative effort of partners Tommy Dietrick (founder of Desert Stars Festival) and Kerry Brown (founder of Starry Records). Starry Nites is a fiscally sponsored event by HM157, a 501(C)3 non profit organization. Our production team is a family of talented and driven individuals. From our sound and lighting technicians, video and graphic designers to our art department and stage crews, each member of our team brings their passion to the experience of our events.